Saturday, July 15, 2017

Barbara Urquhart DCS retirement

News from the Diaconate of the Church of Scotland:
The congregation of New Laigh Kirk in Kilmarnock said farewell to Barbara Urquhart DCS, who retired as the church’s pastoral assistant on June 25, 2017.
Barbara, who has been registered blind since she was nine years old, was commissioned as a Deaconess in September 1986 in Dundee. She has worked in Christian Education and hospital chaplaincy as well as pastoral care, and been member of several committees at both local and national church level. She was President of the Diaconate Council from 2007-2010.
The minister of New Laigh, the Rev David Cameron, said in his address: “In your diaconate ministry you have borne both the name of Jesus and also his spirit.”
Barbara is pictured with her husband, the Rev John Urquhart, children Eileigh and John, and David Cameron.
Barbara Urquhart DCS with family, and Rev David Caermon

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Deaconess Cecelia Williams (Philippines)

Ceceilia with the name badges for the Chicago Assembly
Deaconess Cecelia Williams, from the Philippines, is heading to Chicago for the Assembly. She is one of many delegates from the Philippines, which has 4 diaconal associations who are members of DIAKONIA World Federation. 

Rev Mandy Herriman at DIAKONIA Assembly

Rev Mandy Herriman is an Anglican priest in Australia, in the Diocese of Perth. She is President of the Australian Anglican Diaconal Association. She'll be at the Chicago Assembly.
Rev Mandy Herriman
Mandy is also a music teacher - full orchestra, bands, choirs and chamber groups, community music making and instrumental music as well.

The DIAKONIA Executive - look for them in their blue scarves

You'll see the DIAKONIA World Executive at the Chicago Assembly wearing blue scarves.
Come and say hi!

The 2013-17 DIAKONIA World Executive

Meresiana - on her way to Chicago

Wonderful that Meresiana is on her way from Fiji to Chicago. See you there!!

Sr Ulrike and Sr Traude

Here are two hard-working people - Sr Ulrike Kellner who retires from DIAKONIA Executive at the DIAKONIA Assembly, and Sr Traude Leitenberger. Ulrike retires after 16 years on the Executive, serving as DIAKONIA Secretary for 12 years, and a further 4 years as a representative from the DRAE Region. What a treasure! Traude was appointed to the role of DIAKONIA Secretary in 2014, serving with enthusiasm and diligence. So grateful to both Ulrike and Traude.

Sr Ulrike and Sr Traude

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

There's a hard working team behind the DIAKONIA Assembly preparations - if you see any of them around please do say hi. This list is not inclusive but features just a few who need special mention.

Home Missioner Scott Vickery
The SNL team (Scott, Noreen, Lisa)
Sister Noreen Stevens
Deaconess Lisa Polito
Jan Cherry - music and liturgy and delegates' handbooks
Diane Marten - local logistics and task groups 
Johnna Georgia - DIAKONIA Registrar
Deaconess Dawn Riske, Music Ministry